Opposites attract



Goals are not dreams

There is no doubt that I have a passion for running. I’m not a professional runner, I’m not the fastest runner and I will never participate in the Olympics. But I love it and it makes me happy. It also gives me a good feeling about myself. My next goal? The New York Marathon. My dream? Finish within 4 hours!


  • Run the NY Marathon
  • Brew my own beer
  • Buy a Rossignoli bike
  • Dive in Raja Ampat
  • Genuinly help clients
  • Have a B&B in 20 years


  • Finish in 4 hours
  • Putting a beer on the market
  • Craft my own custom bike
  • Travel the world for a year
  • Integrate a boutique strategic label
  • Never retire at all

Connect in business
by speaking to people

I am an energetic person who loves people and their stories. I have a passion for travelling and discovering new cultures. From a Tana Toraja funeral in Sulawesi to the ‘Purísimas’ Festival in Nicaragua, I enjoy all the new impressions and people I meet. During my travels, I always look for the ‘common language’ people speak that allows me to connect. I also take this quality into my professional work.

Vision on emotional intelligence

Reasoning on human experiences, in and for a digital era I support the idea that services are built around perception and notion. Offering quantifiable emotional intelligence by connecting creative with data through identified metrics that measurably grow the bond between fans and brands.

A hybrid professional
with a strategic mind
and creative output

Translating pragmatic strategy into outspoken creative digital concepts in the realm of platform-thinking, creative strategy, storytelling and modular design. As an acknowledged conceptual thinker and creator who understands – digital – branding, I help lead transformational processes within agencies and corporates. 

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