Opposites attract



Goals are not dreams

There is no doubt that I have a passion for running. I’m not a professional runner, I’m not the fastest runner and I will never participate in the Olympics. But I love it and it makes me happy. It also gives me a good feeling about myself. My next goal? The New York Marathon. My dream? Finish within 4 hours!


  • Run the NY Marathon
  • Brew my own beer
  • Buy a Rossignoli bike
  • Dive in Raja Ampat
  • Genuinly help clients
  • Have a B&B in 20 years


  • Finish in 4 hours
  • Putting a beer on the market
  • Craft my own custom bike
  • Travel the world for a year
  • Integrate a boutique strategic label
  • Never retire at all

Transform your business
by shifting focus

In my opinion everything is continually on the move. This requires direction and destination in order to create constructive change. The norm is to stand out and offer solutions. Seeing opportunities that others do not, or creating chances for others and anticipating on new developments.

Vision on brand, digital and campaigns

Creating outspoken identities in and for a digital era. Services are built around branding, concepts and digital products, where strategic collaborations are key, and thriving your business our goal. By doing so I constantly search for commercial and aesthetic improvement.

A hybrid professional
with a strategic mind
and creative output

Translating pragmatic strategy into outspoken creative digital concepts in the realm of platform-thinking, creative strategy, content strategy and modular design. As an acknowledged concept thinker and designer who understands digital, I help lead transformational processes within corporates. 

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