I’m on a mission


Utilize advanced technology to craft deeply human experiences

Forge connections
by speaking to people

I’m an enthusiastic individual who adores meeting people and hearing their stories. Traveling and exploring new cultures ignite my passion. Whether experiencing a Tana Toraja funeral in Sulawesi or the ‘Purísimas’ Festival in Nicaragua, I cherish the diverse encounters. During my journey’s, encountering people, I adept to finding common ground. Something I extend into my professional life.

Vision on emotional intelligence

In today’s digital world, I believe in focusing on human experiences, where services cater to emotions and perceptions. By combining creativity with technology and using specific metrics, we can move beyond artificial intelligence to understand and connect with emotion for a more human-centric approach. This strengthens the bond between fans and brands, deepening their relationship.

A hybrid professional
with a strategic mind
and creative output

Translating pragmatic strategy into outspoken creative digital concepts in the realm of platform-thinking, creative strategy, storytelling and modular design. As an acknowledged conceptual thinker and creator who understands – digital – branding, I help lead transformational processes within agencies and corporates. 

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