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Adidas is a multinational corporation, founded and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories.

From the main retail film, viewers can dive into the POV moment. We focus on possibilities for the viewer to engage in an interaction that proves their level of focus and concentration.

We want to tap into the various categories of pre-game rituals that silence all doubts, distractions and fears. Authentic rituals that span nutrition, music, and superstitious acts. When the viewer deep dives into this moment, we enter a matrix of 6 videos of the category (i.e. 9 music rituals.) The viewer can select one of these videos to view them. We also encourage our viewers to identify with a ritual category and share content.


May 2015

Pre–game rituals

In the retail film, we select an athlete with a quirky and superstitious pre-game ritual. When the viewer deep dives into the interactive film, they’ll be able to view various videos of normal athletes performing a range of these types of rituals.

Social layer

From each athlete experience, viewers can click on a social button to explore a range of content surrounding the hero video. A mix between user and brand generated content, spanning the range of Instagram posts, tweets, youtube video’s by local retailers, and Spotify lists. Our challenge is to ensure that this social layer is integrated naturally, and calls for multiple viewings.

It’s the level of focus and concentration that every athlete can relate to, both amateur and professional.

Using your senses
to find focus


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