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Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize N.V., commonly known as Ahold Delhaize, is a Dutch retail company, operating supermarkets and e-commerce businesses. Its 21 local brands employ more than 375,000 associates at 6,500 stores in 11 countries.

Retirement is often seen as a difficult and boring subject. People generally prefer not to worry about it. Ahold Delhaize Pension wants to show that arranging your pension is really very simple.

And quite nice. That is what the new website and the closed ‘my environment’ of Ahold Delhaize Pension provide. Ahold Delhaize Pension wants to make the pension understandable, relevant and insightful, so that participants are able to make the right choices for them. This ambition combined with a rebranding resulted in a personal platform where the employee is central and gets a full podium.

We are you

November 2018

Understanding pension

Since the retirement platform went live in December 2018, Ahold Delhaize employees have access to their personal environment protected by DigiD. Here they can find their retirement item and plan their retirement. With the specially developed pension planner, they see the consequences of certain choices for their pension within 5 steps. The result of the pension planner can be saved and / or sent directly to Ahold Delhaize Pension. In this way the participant can also request a pension proposal. This makes arranging your pension a lot easier.


In the development of this platform, we have taken into account the latest security standards and legislation.

Security first

In connection with the GDPR / AVG legislation, the environments are set up in such a way that the We are you development team does not have any access to the personal data of participants. Users of the portal must log in with DigiD. The Sitecore platform and all links are set up in such a way that they meet all DigiD safety requirements. In this way all users can use the platform in a safe way. 


Brand perception improved positively, conversion increased by 20% and 82% of people surveyed liked the new rebranding.



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