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Campaign and
internal communication

Guiding the communication of a joint venture between different parties – each with their own culture, expertise and staff – calls for a thorough approach. If there is a field that is difficult to engage in change, it is the medical one. Also there is a lot of resistance and critical assumptions exist about the other party.

Our solution is a campaign brand that operates independently and stands above the organization. “Alles for leven” (translated as Everything for life) derives from the initials of one of the two institutions and defines the total offer of the giant in Utrecht. Neither of these organizations has the upper hand, they are equal. Moreover, it offers a cross- binding and higher purpose, namely to do everything for the life of the patient. The purpose is that all employees with each other, fight against cancer for the benefit of the patient.

Two renowned medical institutes are to create one cancer center, with two branches: one in Amsterdam – which merges into the new center as a whole – and one in the new building on the site of another institution.

Room for ID’s

April 2014

Sponsor marathon will ignite the campaign

A first meeting, running for a common goal or sponsor a personal ambition. It doesn’t matter why you join, support or participate in the organization, the “All For Life” charity marathon represents the first real collaboration between employees, oncologists and physiotherapists, patients and staff. On the platform you can express your ambitions for which you would like to run or what you would like to sponsor. Regardless of your role, together, you go for a life without cancer!

Campaign and internal communication brings different cultures together

Fundraising and a community platform

This platform is the central asset within the campaign. It acts as a community website and later as a fundraising device. The platform wants to create an online dialogue with and between employees. By acting as an online sounding board, all things that seem to linger we will challenge. Therefore – with a challenge in mind – sentiments will be called obstacles and problems ambitions. Obstacles you overcome and ambitions lead you to your goal.

Inspirational session

Inspiration sessions are used to discuss where a marketing campaign for merger and internal communications must meet. Both organizations are independently analyzed in relation to each other. Also, we are thinking out-of- the-box about the needs of the organization and its employees. The session itself lasts one and a half hours and is intended as a first step to come to ideas.


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