Supply chain

CHEP (Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool) is a company dealing in pallet and container pooling services, serving customers in a range of industrial and retail supply chains. It is a subsidiary of the Brambles Group.

CHEP has a boundless digital ambition that matches the leader in global supply chain logistics. By putting out a request for the provision of digital strategy, website design, build, localization and support services.

With CHEP’s new online approach we aim to launch a digital world that will route users as smoothly and efficiently as possible throughout CHEP’s digital supply chain.

All teams have been working in estafette sprints towards the global launch in december 2016. The first 40 countries were migrated within the first month before go-live of the platform, allowing us to benefit from a unified communication worldwide and to significantly reduce implementation costs within the countries and regions.

Media Monks

May 2015

Modernistic appeal

Imagery is, by far, the most effective way to retain the viewer’s attention. How do we achieve effective imagery and visual stimulation? With straightforward – almost graphical – photography with a slight hint of hyper realism which emphasizes the sincerity of CHEP’s real solutions and sensible expertise. The Modernism reference follows to a structured grid system with emphasis on negative space.

Route users efficiently through CHEP’s digital supply platform

Our strategic approach

With a global offering in supply chain solutions, CHEP is in need of a new global platform to support local and regional clients and stakeholders. Workshops helped CHEP define a brief for that very platform, and a strategy it needs to adhere to.

To achieve steady growth in digital exposure we need to be engaging on a daily basis. More engagement (people spending more time with us), means creating the right content for the right people, at the right time. We started to gain information about our users. This enables CHEP to tailor the platform to the user’s needs (content, filtering, updates) and to aggregate information to gain business advantages.

1. Move
CHEP moves products from A to B, in the literal sense, but also aims to ‘move’ people on an emotional level so that they themselves are inspired to move others.

2. Inspire
CHEP inspires and empowers your business through inspiring stories, relevant insights and top notch cases.

3. Connect
CHEP connects you to a global network of partners, products and solutions and brings personal business advantage on global scale.

4. Deliver
CHEP delivers 24/7 insights on your supply chain, helps to meet your performance objectives and always delivers.


Design composition for online supply

For CHEP we took their supply chain offering as the key reference to build on something alike for their digital inventory. Dividing the user interface into a collection of manageable (and most importantly, reusable) parts create an end result that delivers the user an online logistics with a clear start and end state, just like CHEP’s true life contribution. 

Online logistics with a clear start and end state, just like CHEP’s real life contribution.


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