Define a museum with
international appeal

CODA is a cultural center with international appeal in the Dutch city of Apeldoorn that houses a public library, archive and museums.

How do we ensure that CODA reaches everyone and everyone knows how to reach CODA? The name CODA stands for destination. We are going to guide users through a unique customer journey to their ideal destination.

The visitor is received in a rich environment and invited to to explore. An aesthetically attractive and pure framework creates the possibility of highlights  to shine. Nuances provide the necessary accents and visual hierarchy within all its design.

We are you

November 2017

Building a framework

The distinct and very recognizable identity will be introduced in a distinctive way. At the same time, direction is given to logical paths by CODA’s most important components or pillars (museum, library and archive) as the primary entrance and to use the landmark.

Highlighting CODA’s unique proposition in the cross-pollination between the archive, museum and library

Acting as a cultural ‘reception’ 

CODA wants to play a key role in information and education. For this reason we will receive and inform the visitor and they point out relevant content and provide it with a clear destination. Moreover, the cultural social role will be translated in an inspiring way by making visible what is happening externally and what is happening within CODA.


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