Credit Europe Bank


Human bank in a
digital finance world

Credit Europe Bank is a Dutch registered bank owned by the Turkish financial holding company FIBA Group.

Rather than an institution, your bank is now a digital service designed to fit you.

Create an account without a bank, get all your financial services from one and only one place, let that place be your online instead of in a bank shop. Rather than expecting clients to organise their financial life around their bank, Credit Europe Bank is offering a financial life organised around the client. And they have done so in the past. This bank was actually the first digital first bank in the world.



The situation

The biggest hurdles for incumbent financial institutions relate to the organization as much as investing in tech at scale and provide differentiating offering and story. The new positioning and identity of Credit Europe Bank needed to really differentiate the bank from both the bigger banks as well as their direct flexible digital first competitors.

The new identity is minimalistic with a clear reference to the old brand.

A modern bank with a human touch

Money is not about finances, It’s about emotions. It is a huge part of life and therefore something we can all relate to. You want a bank that understands that emotions and dreams relate to a human being. A reliable direct bank with a human touch can do just that!

1. Save money, start dreaming  If money isn’t about finances but about emotions than saving money is actually buying into these emotions and start dreaming.

2. Outline the promise by examples It could be the security of having extra money when you retire, the satisfaction of saving for a trip around the world or buying the house you dream of.

3. Support people with their dreams  Whatever you save for, taking a planned approach could support you achieving your dreams and give you a whole lot of satisfaction to boot. 

4. A concept to call on the promise Credit Europe Bank’s “save dreams” concept helps you achieve whatever dream you may have!

Goals inspire you, but dreams may change your life.


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