New positioning
and branding 

Disxt is a creative technology company, guiding brands to become successful in digital advertising through personalized experiences.

After many moments trying to clarify the positioning, it came to us that it is the business model that we actually first need to develop. During a walk in the woods with the founder, it emerged that the idea of “getting out of the fight” should allow us to get away from the competition, namely the strategic mastodonts, creative agencies and tool companies.

The idea arose to position us as a disruptive creative technology company, building a technical infrastructure for brands to get the best out of the biggest AdTech platforms. Creative technology will remain the supporting and distinctive factor to achieve this ambition. The biggest challenge for brands to actually reach, connect and engage with their audience is that AdTech doesn’t let them! Yes, you can target and automate (rather distant) to some extend but when it comes to a ‘human’ factor, it just isn’t there. Whether it is 3D, CGI, Augmented or Virtual reality – whatever sensory technology you may think of – it doesn’t comply with the AdTech standards. .



Creative production with a backbone of innovation

Disxt – and its companion brands – struck me as a young, vibrant and determined new name on the market. The thing that came across to me most, was the strong impression that in all their creative efforts the key parameter was the incredibly high technological backbone. Together with their simple ambition to make marketeers lives easier by serving them sustainable and scalable solutions, this is what I wanted to promote most, a modular and dynamic brand that always serves the right parameters at the right time when one needs it most. Therefore I chose a combination of variables (a visual language for each letter in the alphabet associating with one of the brands’ values) to make 
up the Disxt identity.

Va·ri·a·ble; logical set of attributes.

The identity consists of a combination of variables (a visual language for each letter in the alphabet) associating with one of the brands’ values.

Human technology

A few vital conclusions were extracted. The innovative spirit expressed by the propositions purposes – aiming to make marketing easy, quick and non-problematic – brought us to the idea to twist their tech-driven methods around human-centred design with the intent to make it more comprehensible. What better way to make the labels tangible but to link the different labels with the people that drive their forces.

A dynamic typographic system

For the Disxt identity we use abstract, geometric shapes. Shapes, determined by the values of the organisation, ensuring a dynamic variety in style. The system – using this abstract typeface – is specially designed for Disxt and makes it possible to type forms at will. Now the different brands are represented independently, still with an overarching visual language that links them together as well. 

Reworking the companies cases

Renewed and rebranded case study examples are used to help our prospect clients see how the past projects and scenarios were addressed. The task of establishing a need and showing how our solutions can add value to their business was key in rewriting and -editing the videos. In line with all other material the videos increasingly showcase our case studies helping them to market their offering and reach new audience.




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