Seven days of rain

Geox is an Italian brand of shoe and clothing manufactured with waterproof/breathable fabrics.

How it’s like to live through 7 days of nonstop rain, in sunny Barcelona

To promote the GEOX Amphibiox urban waterproof shoes collection, specially built clouds were developed to keep the test subject under constant precipitation, while each day was laid out to replicate real life events: A day as a tourist, working a day job and going on a date were just a handful of tasks carried out under the rain.



The goal

Geox’s goal can be understood through the context of their brand identity and product philosophy. Geox is known for its innovative approach to footwear, particularly in creating shoes that are both stylish and highly functional. One of the key features of Geox shoes is their use of patented breathable technology, which allows for moisture to escape while preventing water from entering. Overall, the statement underscores Geox’s commitment to producing high-quality footwear that not only meets the demands of urban life but also exceeds expectations in terms of comfort and performance, particularly in challenging weather conditions like rain.

Geox makes it rain.

The results

The campaign had some amazing early results, with over 900,000 unique visitors and a 200% increase in visits during the initial weeks compared to last years successful campaign. Geox Facebook followers also increased by 150,000 in the initial two weeks (from 450,000 to 600,000).

The campaign is part of a strong digital communication strategy that focuses on consumer engagement.


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