Mila turns contacts into contracts

Mila is an email-based assistant that helps you to maximize the potential of your business with minimal effort.

Maximize the potential of your business with minimal effort

Mila, the email integration that scans your inbox for contacts to make it super easy for businesses to start using professional CRM tools. Most new business flows from existing contacts. Mila helps businesses to stay in touch with their entire inbox so they can turn contacts into contracts. If you only make one extra sale thanks to CRM, Mila is worth it. With Mila, businesses hit the the ground running. All you need to do is to assign your inbox contacts to the tools and lists that are relevant to your business. Mila makes this so easy it’s fun.


December 2015

A personal touch with an international look and feel

Mila generates new business opportunities with minimal effort using your email contacts. To bring Mila to life we want the brand to feel smart and easy with an international look and feel. We will focus on the benefits of the service and present the tool not from a functional or technical perspective but from a human and fun relatable perspective. The service will be explained from the user’s point of view, where they explain how easy it is to use and how valuable it has become for the business. Mila’s brand Identity and visual design will be modern and international as well as human and fun. The brand will have a mix of warm photography, fresh graphic elements and playful hand drawn icons.

The deeper you get, the more relevant it becomes

The public portal is build around your peers

Like Slack, Mila is a service that you’ re not entirely sure you want or need, and not to mention, pay for. This requires a strong onboarding approach that converts leads into users that believe, before being turned into customers that pay.


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