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made accesible

The Taalunie is the policy organization of the Netherlands, Flanders and Surinam for the Dutch language. The organization encourages people and social sectors to maximize the Dutch language, so it increases their chances. 

A different positioning and strategic approach to all communications (internal and external) was necessary in order to take the new position. A new or modified name, a distinct slogan, a completely new identity and different ways of communication and activation were to be created in order to meet the desired positioning of the Taalunie brand.

De Taalunie deserves a name that has equal representation and meaning in Flemish and Dutch. The previous name, de Nederlandse Taalunie (Dutch Language Union), suggested that Dutch came first or that it operated only in the Netherlands. Because it is an existing organization omitted with a familiar name we suggested to leave out the word Dutch, leaving only the essentials, namely Taalunie. For representatives it was crucial to show how the position of de Taalunie could underline the slogan. To make it clear that the Taalunie provides a platform for ‘language’ itself with the organization itself operating in the background, we chose not to use a slogan but a set of verbs that are the connection between de Taalunie and Dutch language.

Room for ID’s

May 2014

A platform for all users of the Dutch language

De Taalunie now provides a platform for all users of the Dutch language. Rappers and school masters, poets and social workers, comedians and integrating immigrants. They all use the Dutch language to create opportunities. For themselves and for others. They illustrate what language can do for anyone. The user of language as an ambassador for the same language. We distinguish three levels within the corporate identity. These are linked to the purpose of the communication. The layering in communication makes the brand dynamic and diverse.

Language made accessible
to all its users

Logo and verb construct the slogan

De Taalunie supports the Dutch language. This is literally to be seen in the logo. The word ‘ unie’ carries the word ‘taal’. De Taalunie does not occur in the foreground but provides a platform for the language. De Taalunie are the means, language the goal. The colon creates an expectation. This is filled with verbs (words that work for us). Each verb shows what language and de Taalunie can do and mean for Dutch language.

Dynamic typographic system provides an illustrative idiom

Within de Taalunie corporate identity we use abstract (geometric) forms. These shapes are determined by the title of a document. The forms have an illustrative function and ensure dynamic variety in style. The system within de Taalunie branding has some abstract typefaces. These are specially designed for de Taalunie. These fonts contain no letters but abstracts. This makes it possible to type forms. Changes the title of an expression? Then also the shapes will.

Brand Architecture

There are many initiatives and organizations that make a case for the Dutch language. De Taalunie is, in addition to its own initiatives, in many ways involved. In all cases, de Taalunie is committed to contribute to the realization of the common goal: creating opportunities for users of the Dutch language. This means that de Taalunie as a trade mark fulfills all kinds of roles. The corporate brand architecture provides a solution to show in which capacity de Taalunie is concerned in each situation.

A toolkit for online usage

A toolkit, including a document on guidelines for online and digital applications, as well as a GUI (Graphic User Interface) kit and a set of templates are designed to provide sufficiency for online applications. Particular attention has been given to the meta header because within the constellation of the Taalunie there was a need for a clear hierarchical structure in which all clusters could join. Distinction through color, typography and grid provides a coherent feel.


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