Van Lanschot


Interact in every life stage

Van Lanschot is a financial institution of Dutch origin offering private banking, asset management and merchant banking services. 

Pronounced colours, a more modern logo, stylish illustrations, personal stories and inspiring photos. Launched in 2018, the new Van Lanschot website introduced the new branding of this independent bank. 

The purpose of this re-branding is to create an innovative experience, in which every interaction – online as well as offline – seamlessly matches the banking and asset management needs and life stage of the (potential) customer. An ambition that demands the continuous renewal and optimization of the platform.

We are you

January 2018

For young and old

Van Lanschot was looking for a digital partner who could help with this ambition. The bank found this in We are you. We collaborated to create a concept and design that appeals to both young and old. In an agile international team – consisting of Van Lanschot and We are you professionals – the new website was developed, provided with content and optimized to deliver the best customer journey. In the first instance the technical realization was in Sitecore 8 . The team quickly migrated the website to the new Sitecore 9, because of the more extensive personalization and e-mail marketing possibilities.

Tailor-made asset management advice via the Van Lanschot digital platform

Personalization across multiple channels

Van Lanschot services have been optimized and personalized since the Dutch website went live in 2018. It has the usual functionalities such as the My Van Lanschot environment and new functionalities, such as a selection aid and inspiring articles about investments and mortgage solutions. After the launch the team continued introducing developments. The focus is on personalisation, using data from the other Van Lanschot digital platforms. We used eye tracking and scientific research within the target group to test whether the personalisation actually works.

SaaS ecosystem to manage client operations

The intensive collaboration with Van Lanschot goes beyond just the development of public website. Through implementing Agile squad teams inside the Van Lanschot enterprise we were able to build a whole SaaS ecosystem servicing not only the preferred clients but also the Key account Managers with a suite of portals and bespoke applications. Additionally we trained the Van Lanschot marketeers and content managers in the optimal application of Sitecore for the placing of content and for the measuring of customer behaviour on the website. Additionally we helped to organize the internal organization in such a way that potential customers can actually make the transition to become actual customers through the website and begin their subsequent customer journey. A link between the website and Van Lanschot’s CRM is unmissable.

Building a Design System, leveraging the relation between private bankers and clients

To keep brand and the Van Lanschot experience aligned with every encounter and across all applications we developed a custom-made design methodology. Following a theory of involvement with every stakeholder, all to endorse the intimate relation between the banker and its clients. This component-based design system – leaning on an atomic composition – grants van Lanschot to act consistent, yet bespoke.

Build in a single component design system

This component originated system serves van Lanschot a great way to design and develop, using smaller, reusable pieces with better consistency. As every piece is created with all the key team members – from designers, animators and developers alike – from scratch, this results in a thoroughly thought out system that in fact makes way for a highly flexible practice.

An editorial UX approach

For the purpose of creating a great reading experience that preserves and builds upon the best from the world of traditional printed publications to fit in the Van Lanschot digital eco-system we decided to go forward with an approach of fitting the UX in a ‘magazine-like’ editorial format.

Optimized for a great reading, not for page views or other short term monetizations models, this approach takes Van Lanschot’s wealthy clients serious and tries to use the digital tools and technology to give them something at least as good as the classic experience of well-crafted print.


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