Accelerate energy transition with digital means

Vattenfall is an international utility company whose core activities are the production, trading and supply of electricity, natural gas and district heating. 

On the way to a fossil-free life as Vattenfall envisages, the energy company attributes a major role to digital innovations, such as AI.

A great example of this commitment is the development of an advanced chat tool, enhanced by AI capabilities, to deliver sustainable solutions to both website visitors and app users. Through a series of tailored questions, individuals receive expert advice on optimizing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact and save money and effort at the same time.

We Are You

June 2020

AI generated, automated and personalized advice

It is true that a conclusive recommendation is tailor-made, but almost every situation can now be captured in data. By combining AI, public data about houses and 3D height files, this intuitive experience collects necessary information about the construction period, area and energy label. And if it turns out that there are still questions, an employee will look around the house via a video call. A situation is almost never unique. With this we have made sustainability advice scalable. 

The deeper you get, the more relevant it becomes

The new design system serves as the common language between teams

This new proposition adopts the etiquette from the new design system. Applying a set of reusable components that, in combination with a set of rules and design tokens (referred to as entities), stores all design information for consistent and accessible applications quickly.


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