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Vesteda is the biggest project developer for free sector apartments and single-family homes in the Netherlands.

Thanks to extensive knowledge about tenants and their characteristic properties, Vesteda is able to help municipalities to place the right residents in the right place in a city.

We connect with viewers on a personal level. We present the “coming home” concept by sharing relevant lifestyles and environmental factors. Vesteda thereby contributes to, for example, reducing crime, the multi-cultural character of a neighborhood, social control, etcetera.

We are you


The goals

Vesteda’s goals? Position the brand through ultimate relevance and reliable service, as the favorite home rental company in the Netherlands and show as a pioneer in the middle of the rental segment

Connecting potential tenants through the emotional value of a house

Helping Vesteda’s visitors

The orienting visitor can flow in at various levels and can go up or down the funnel from a specific context. This supports and confirms an emotional choice.

1. Make you feel ‘at home’ The range is always personal and my sense of “feeling at home” at Vesteda is increasing because I see the range of darts that really suit me.

2. Understanding the audience The suburban single mainly wants to “snack” and be able to make a decision quickly, while an investor wants to get clarity and be convinced with facts and figures.

3. Relevancy through profiling By profiling the users and offering relevant content, we can start adapting the content to each segmentation group.

4. A good start, every time The specifically targeted content can appear on every page that someone enters, and this should be a strong start to the user experience.

Engaging in a methodology composed of distinct stages working together resulted in a layout system that stands like a house.


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