Every product a story, each story a product


Weber-Stephen Products LLC is a privately held American manufacturer of charcoal, gas and electric outdoor grills with related accessories.

Weber wanted to develop its new website to act as an experiential shopping platform, where product and story intertwine to bring together the best elements of Weber’s current digital efforts and create a launching pad for content, campaigns and culture.

More than ever we’re looking to inspire visitors with BBQ culture, and integrating that as part of a seamless e-comm experience. This is as much about products as it is about passion and people. It’s about inspiration for the aspiring BackYard heroes, as much as it is to support existing and potentially provide new BBQ behaviours for existing customers.


December 2016

BBQ cultures

For the 2015 bbq season Weber gave their customers more bbq stuff than you can shake your spatula at. In this immersive experience, we invite consumers on a journey through bbq cultures across the world; to discover, learn, and be inspired. Weber takes you on a multicultural journey through the wonderfully diverse BBQ’s that exist in the world. Each with their own character, food and guests. The multitude of BBQ content makes this a rich and delicious journey.

Storytelling as a highly campaignable piece of content that can drive new user journeys

E-commerce as an experience

As Weber’s core E-commerce platform, it should add value to the shopper experience beyond what the retailers can offer, and take inspiration from the best of fashion and luxury product E-comm channels.

1. Engaging stories The storytelling tile can take many forms. First and foremost, it’s a highly campaignable piece of content that can drive new user journeys. It can introduce themes that users are unfamiliar with — think off-season grilling, smoking fish, baking pizzas on a grill. In essence, the role of stories is to give meaning to the products and its features. It’s talking in terms of experiences instead of specs. It can be short- and long-form. It can be a video, written account or interactive feature.

2. It’s about the product The Weber experience starts with incredibly well-designed products. Quite simply, we’re gonna show it, with striking product photography that looks just as incredible. Engaging stories 

3. Intuitive user journey’s to guide users Users are naturally curious about what these products can do, what they’re made of, and how long they’ll last. This type of information is currently missing in most user journeys.

4. Features provide learning skills Dedicated tiles allow us to draw attention to specific features. Features can be both technical and experiential: it’s a built-in aluminum ash catcher, but also an easy way of cleaning up the grill.


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